February 3 , 2016

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Russia – enigma, riddle or something else?, by Harlan K. Ullman “The Cold War however was nearly a half century long ideological struggle in which both sides promised, captured in the words of John Kennedy, to “pay any price and bear any burden” to win. But only one side did win—the West. And in the quarter of a century since the USSR imploded, relations have reverted to what some in Moscow and the West are calling a “new cold war.” Why?”

The incidental terrorism connection, by Alexander Fotescu "EU and NATO member states are picked off one by one by Russia, potentially in conjunction with other entities, via information and political operations, in order to trigger the implosion of the EU and the subsequent isolation of core states – a source of money, innovation, and high end industrial and luxury products, but nothing more than an economic annex to a new world order centred on Asia." #SkyNews #UK #Disinformation #Romania #Bratislava-Summit #NATO #Russia