February 3 , 2016

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Harlan K. Ullman about Putin’s not so secret, secret plan: understanding Putin’s motivations is vital. Then, implementing a reverse strategy for neutralizing Putin’s Shia and Sunni construct regarding Riyadh and Tehran is crucial. Second, Putin wants respect and recognition. A final summit to resolve some of these pressing issues with Putin is high risk. But this is a risk worth taking. Sanctions are one lever. Implementing a reverse strategy in the region is another.

Claudiu Săftoiu taking the stage at #CyberIntelligenceEurope to speak about intelligence agencies, the public opinion, and cyber laws. Read Claudiu's argument in our report here:

Interview with Eugen Valeriu Popa, by Alina Alexandra Tilincă Today begins the 4th annual #CyberIntelligenceEurope conference and exhibition, focusing on Cyber Security Threats and Challenges, Combating Cybercrimes, Crisis Response Management and International Cooperation. We sat down with Eugen Valeriu Popa, Strategikon Vice-President.