February 3 , 2016

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21st century dangers cannot always be solved with 20th century ideas and tools. The world is far too interconnected and interrelated with too much power diffused to so many other actors who can exert influence without having significant amounts of military power. Also, we must set outcomes first and work backward in fashioning our strategies and plans. But there is another set of overarching questions: Who shall listen and who shall lead? Why does the U.S. military have such a staggering record of failure?, by Harlan Ullman

Former CIA analyst (ctr) and Strategikon expert Ron Aledo talks about how strategic intelligence analysis helps in economic intelligence and business development

Dania Koleilat Khatib: Astana talks did not bring any new solution to the Syrian crisis. It was merely an extension of the cease fire. The different parties agreed to continue negotiations in Geneva. The question is: what will be the fate of Syria?

The crisis Islam is facing today is due to stagnation in interpretations. Islam will not be safeguarded from the manipulation of extremists nor properly defended in the West unless there is a modernization of interpretations. An eloquent speech by Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, defending Islam at the Munich Security Conference is not sufficient, proper jurisprudential arguments are needed. When I watch Fox news, the most anti-Islam channel in America, I realize how badly Islam is defended.

Political leadership lifecycles in challenging times: Europe and America

The #EU has proven #unable to raise the next generation of leaders that internally would rally the peoples of Europe and externally would allow the Union to play a #leading role in international affairs. National and international schools should identify the values that #futureEuropean #leaders should hold dear and go the extra mile in building the necessary partnerships across fields of study, borders, and national identities. Clara Volintiru Corneliu Visoianu Adina Anghelache

A spiritually unprepared class of #leaders emerged in #youngdemocracies, unable to guide their societies through #elections and transfers of power. To oppose the nationalistic feelings of their peoples these leaders turned #populistic. All seemed fine while Europe was riding high on expectations of growth in an enlarged Union, but the recession came and everybody started asking whether we are #nationals or #Europeans and what does that mean. The political #leadership was unable to give a coherent answer and #TwoSpeedEurope was born. Corneliu Visoianu & Clara Volintiru